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Coherent spin manipulation of individual atoms on a surface

Science 366, 509-512 (2019)

Kai Yang, William Paul, Soo-Hyon Phark, Philip Willke, Yujeong Bae, Taeyoung Choi, Taner Esat, Arzhang Ardavan, Andreas J. Heinrich, Christopher P. Lutz

Quantitative imaging of electric surface potentials with single-atom sensitivity

Nature Materials 18, 853–859 (2019)

Christian Wagner, Matthew. F. B. Green, Michael Maiworm, Philipp Leinen, Taner Esat, Nicola Ferri, Niklas Friedrich, Rolf Findeisen, Alexandre Tkatchenko, Ruslan Temirov, F. Stefan Tautz

A standing molecule as a single-electron field emitter

Nature 558, 573-576 (2018)

Taner Esat, Niklas Friedrich, F. Stefan Tautz, Ruslan Temirov

A chemically driven quantum phase transition in a two-molecule Kondo system

Nature Physics 12, 867-873 (2016)

Taner Esat, Benedikt Lechtenberg, Thorsten Deilmann, Christian Wagner, Peter Krüger, Ruslan Temirov, Michael Rohlfing, Frithjof B. Anders, F. Stefan Tautz

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